The most important thing for any child is love and care. And the most important thing for a mother is to have the adequate support and resources to raise her child. 

As feminists and mums, we give our wholehearted support to Mika Minio-Paluello who has faced a vile wave of personal attacks for speaking on TV while trans. 

We are in solidarity with every mother who is doing their best for their children in this cost of living scandal, where so many are struggling to make ends meet.

When one in three children live in poverty, the political priorities for any parents are:

  • Money and financial support to care for their children
  • High quality, affordable childcare provision
  • Safe, affordable housing
  • Adequate parental leave
  • Safe and affordable healthcare provision, including reproductive healthcare

We will only achieve the above if we build common ground across our differences to build our collective power together.

Motherhood looks different for all of us – as does family. The title of ‘mother’ is often the only thing we have in common with other women. Whether we parent alone or with a partner, we are mothers. Whether we have birthed, adopted or fostered, we are mothers. Whether or not we had IVF, we are mothers. Whether we bottle-fed or breastfed, we are mothers. Whether queer, straight, cis or trans, we are mothers. 

We condemn the attacks on trans parents and queer families and remain focused on the bigger picture and the need to fight for reproductive justice for all, defined as “the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities”. 

Instead of battling over individual identities, what matters most is making sure that we all have the resources we need in order to give our children the best start in life.

Ikamara, Janey, Seyi, Jade, Ruvimbo and Catalina (Level Up)


Selma James, mother and grandmother, Global Women’s Strike

Aisha, Mel, Morwenna, Liz, Lucy and Leah, No Births Behind Bars

Crissie and Sara, Women of Colour Global Women’s Strike

The Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign

Solveig Francis, Milk of Human Kindness (breastfeeding advocacy group)

Anne Neale, Support not Separation

Kay Chapman, Single Mothers’ Self-Defence

Shami Chakrabarti

Nadia Whittome, Member of Parliament for Nottingham East

Apsana Begum, Member of Parliament for Poplar and Limehouse

Zarah Sultana, Member of Parliament for Coventry South

Olivia Blake, Member of Parliament for Sheffield Hallam

Lisa Power, Lesbian author and activist

Sisters Uncut

Ash Sarkar

Chiara Capraro, Women’s Rights programme director, Amnesty International UK

Feminist Assembly of Latin America

Feminist Fightback

Farzana Khan, Healing Justice London

Dr Marian Messih, NHS Sussex

Annaís Berli, Brazil Matters

Elena Blackmore, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

Frances Leach, Executive Council, Unite the Union

Miriam Brett, Future Economy Scotland

Nathalie McDermott, Chief Executive, Heard

Verity Nevitt, The Gemini Project

Mara Clarke, Supporting Abortions For Everyone

Louise Hazan, Co-founder, Tipping Point UK

Tatiana Garavito, Tipping Point UK

Fliss Premru, LESE TUC EC, #MeTU

Green Party of England and Wales

Areeba Hamid and Will McCallum, Co-directors, Greenpeace UK

Professor Gargi Bhattacharyya, University of East London

English Collective of Prostitutes

Act Up London

Sarah Woolley, General Secretary, Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union

Miriam Turner and Hugh Knowles, Co-Executive Directors, Friends of the Earth (England, Wales and Northern Ireland)

Claire Laycock, #MeTU

Karen Barass, Climate Insights

Cressida Trew (filmmaker & mother)

Alison Phipps, Newcastle University

Dr Claire English, Women’s Strike Assembly

Dr Hannah Fair, University of Oxford

Alice, Real Nappies for London (Women’s Environmental Network)

Olivia Streater

Dr Emma Torzillo, NHS worker

Eva Sheffield

Sonali Bhattacharyya, Playwright and Screenwriter

Viv Yau, besea.n (Britain’s east and south East Asian network)

Dr Vanessa Pope, King’s College London

Emma Hughes, Just Treatment

Astro Jones, The Outside Project

Hannah Webb, Co-Chair, Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers

Grace Blakeley, Tribune Magazine

Ruth Potts, Head of Economics, Schumacher College

Ruth Fletcher, School of Law, Queen Mary University of London

Sylvia de Mars, School of Law, Newcastle University

Nikki Godden-Rasul, Law School, Newcastle University

Dr Sarah Jane Pattison, Co-spokesperson for Intersex, LGBTQI+ Caucus, Women’s Equality Party

Charlotte Bence, trade union official

Micha Frazer-Carroll, writer

Illary Valenzuela Oblitas – Edge Fund

Dr Annie Goh, artist & researcher

Maeve Cohen, Social Guarantee

Clara Paillard, Unite the Union, Tipping Point UK

Mary Robertson, Queen Mary University of London

Velina Manolova, Pratt Institute

Zara Dinnen, Branch co-chair QMUL UCU

Sasha Josette, Director, Breathe

Hannah Hughes, Tripod

Ewa Jasiewicz, writer and organiser

Yas Necati, Public Interest Research Centre

Fran Boait, Co-Executive Director, Positive Money

Robyn Nalty, Kinhood Collective

Hilary Schan and Kate Dove, Momentum Co-Chairs

Liri Kuçi, Editor-in-Chief, Shota.al

Kim Bryan, Machynlleth Town Councillor and Associate Director of Global Communications at 350.org

Dora Meade, Interim Director of Communications at NEON

Hannah Martin, Co Director, Green New Deal Rising

Siobhán McGuirk, co-editor Red Pepper magazine

Anna Monro, Clynfyw Care Farm

Ariane Sacco, Queer Strike

Sue Lukes, Grandmother and mother

Charlie Norfolk – cis mother to 2 daughters – 1 cis, 1 trans

Minda Burgos-Lukes, Facilitator and Organiser

Katy Fowler, non binary mother

Hilary Wainwright, Red Pepper

Sarah Woolley, journalist

Lyndsey Sambrooks-Wright, barrister

Clare Hymer, Novara Media

Kheya Bag, Verso Books

Nicola Griffiths

Millie Bard, Kinhood Collective

Amisha Abeyawardene, Kinhood Collective

Dorothy Guerrero, Global Justice Now

Anasuya Sengupta, Whose Knowledge?

Juliana Kurokawa

Audre Fienberg, the Dyke Project

Amina Gichinga

Giedrė Mikšytė

Becks Gowland, mum

Arminda Machado Ferreira

Rachel Boyd

Shenagh Govan

Jenny Lennox

Mary Atkinson

Jane Connor

Jane Trowell

Gloria Dawson

Han Smith

Hannah Rowan

Kirsty Wright

Hanan Abdalla

Giulia De Ponte

Leanne Taylor

Leila Deen

Sarah Shoraka

Liz Dew

Sara Archer

Susan Luciani

Ren Aldridge

Bernadette Fischler

Jess Worth

Liz Yeates

Vera Weghmann

Emma Rees

Juliet Michaelson

Abi O’Connor

Alena Ivanova

Ele Lamb

Kate Laycock

Margot Melville

Rosie Hollinshead

Eleanor Schling

Gaya Sriskanthan

Felicity Jones

Amy Whitelock Gibbs

Sarah Browning

Lucy Ayrton, Oxford University

Rosa Schling

Veronica Deutsch

Dona John

Diana Eltahawy

Claudia Boes, Cardiff West CLP

Rosie Rogers

Women’s Strike Britain

Platform London

Good Law Project

Mish Rahman, Labour National Executive Committee member

Juliette Daigre, Chris Garrard, Isobel Tarr & Sarah Waldron, Co-Directors, Culture Unstained

Robert Palmer, Executive Director, Tax Justice UK

Michael Kalmanovitz, on behalf of Payday men’s network

New Economy Spokesperson Network

Equity for a Green New Deal

Will Stronge, Director, Autonomy

Manchester DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts)

Oil Change International

Ali Avery, The Green House

London Renters Union Coordinating Group

Liverpool Against Hate Preachers

Liverpool Sisterhood

Reclaim Pride Liverpool

United We Stand Solidarity Network

Billy Bragg

LGBT Socialists

Lucy Hutson

Freddy McConnell, writer and dad

Clive Lewis, Member of Parliament for Norwich (South)

Dr David Wearing

Kevin Taylor-McKnight, Charity So Straight

Dr Shanon Shah

Mathew Lawrence, Director, Common Wealth

Dr Leo Qawas, researcher in Theology and Practical Ethics

Joe Irving, Tipping Point UK

Dr Hil Aked

Leo Murray

Amos Schonfield

Olly Cameron

Dr Ian Fitzpatrick

Morgan Lloyd Malcolm

James Schneider

Simon Pirani

Nick Dearden

Adam Ramsay

Samir Eskanda

William Phillips

Joe Todd

Waleed Akhtar

Declan Owens

Piro Rexhepi

Joe Earle

James Turner

Jo Michell, UWE Bristol

Greg Muttitt

Eben Muse

Dasa Raimanová

Andreas Bräm

Khalid Abdalla

Emma Sheppard, Coventry University

Judith Harmon

Matthias Owen

Danny Chivers

KD Smith, Feminist & Photographer

Oly Durose

Juliet Davie

Amy Hall, Co-editor, New Internationalist magazine

Adele Williams, Nottingham Labour Councillor

Rachel Allen

Another Europe is Possible

Emily Collins

Julianna Kurokawa

David Doig, Trade unionist

Eva Sheffield

Jessica Kaplan

Tom McEvoy

Sarah Maslen, Undivided Training and Consultancy/Undivided Families

Sandra Smith

Laleh Khalili

Amanda Bentham, NEU and Labour Party member

Angela Elson, CEO, Tiny Pride

John McDonnell, Member of Parliament for Hayes & Harlington

Shea Coffey, Co-founder Medway Pride Radio

Sarah Joynt-Bowe

Han, Rosh & Julia, Women’s Environmental Network (Wen)

Claire Osborne

Abby Preston

Louise O’Hare, Organiser, Post Pandemic Childcare Coalition

Elena Cresci

Amy Rushton

Claire Crawford, University of York

Tessa Marshall, Cardiff and Vale Green Party

Nicola Rimington

Dr Kate Davison, Lecturer in the History of Sexuality, University of Edinburgh

Katrielle Palmer

Ray Malone, Heads Bodies Legs

Martha Shearer

Tom Dale

Olivia Streater (she/her), dance movement psychotherapist

Dr Phoenix Andrews

Isaac Beevor, Climate Emergency UK

Clifford Singer

Lizzie Homersham

Severija Bielskyte

Melissa Stoney

Dr Emilia Melville

Deborah Laycock

Paul Hebden

Anna Fielding

Sofie Jenkinson

Harpreet Kaur Paul, Tipping Point UK

Sumayah Khan

Daniel Vockins, New Economic Strategy

Theresa Dewa

Chloe Stanton

Lee Shannon, Post Pandemic Childcare Coalition

Kate Anderson

Dr Helen Charman

Glyn Robbins, Sec. Tower Hamlets Trades Council (p/c)

Alice Nuttall

Red Yates

Leia Ormeño, teacher + mother to trans son

Deivi Norberg, Tower Hamlets Momentum

Emma Willatts

Eli James

Patrick Norberg, Tower Hamlets Momentum

Anne Hayfield

Sarah Whitebread

winnie love

Alison Stevenson

Cllr Alex Catt, Deputy Leader of the Green Party group in Norwich City Council

Darragh Martin

Akiko Hart, Liberty

Tyler Dixon

Owen Thomas

Jason Bower

Jordan Andrew Gray

Luisa Le Voguer, hate zine

Tjasa Kancler, University of Barcelona


Kristina Diprose

Sophie Fowler

Simon Levey

Rachel Conway

Adam Carr

Gabriel Davalos

Liz Smith

Rebecca Jiggens, Director, Just Reasonable Ltd

Neha Shah

Isaac Hartmann


Oscar Lawton

Jamie Kelsey, Hard Art Collective

Eva Watkinson

Julian Sharpe

Chissy Swain

Sertac Sehlikoglu, UCL, Associate Professor

Inbar Tamari

Caroline Rance

Nathan Taylor, Buff Bar Bristol

Houssam, Lloyds Banking Group

Jess Wheeler

Anna Wolmuth

Tom Warren

Thomas Atkins

Leona Skene

Han, Rosh, Julia, Women’s Environmental Network (WEN)

Gavin Everall, Director, Book Works

James Ross

Josephine Grahl

Paul Burgess

Fatima Iftikhar

Isabella Burton, Shelter

David Braniff-Herbert, LGBT+ Workers Organiser

Ellen Potts

J. Mengele, Dr

Nicola Quinn

Úna Byrne

Teresa Masterson

Chloe Massey

Dylan Lewis-Creser, Co-Chair, LGBTIQA+ Greens

Susan Pashkoff, Women’s Officer (Leyton &Wanstead CLP), Chair (East London Unite Community)

Philippa Dawson

Sara Ann Hope, NEU

Emily Clough

Sariel Arjona

Lara Groves

Laura Carter, University of Essex

Nic Murray

Rosa Campbell

Helen Maguire

Kathleen Egan, The Gender Hormone Clinic

Andrea Berian

Richard Harold Eades, Pink News Comics

Amanda Belsham, Practice Nurse, The Gender Hormone clinic

Amy George

Florence Schechter, Director, Vagina Museum

Ush Brown

rosanna pires

Nicole Box

Georgia Twigg

Lorna Johnston

Daniel Guinness, Beyond Equality, Managing Director

Cathy Brennan

Katharine Hill

Grace Kilcoyne, NA

Sarah Holman

Anita Mureithi

Silvia Mollicchi

Patricia Mardones

Eli Watson

Aleks Zglińska, Northampton Unitarians (Community Development Officer)

Jack Newbold

Fiónn McFadden

Tom Davies, NUJ

Ashton Thorp

Ana Milusheva

Anne-Marie O’Reilly, Lewisham and Southwark College UCU Vice Chair

Angela Perrett

Anna Morgan, Trans Women Awareness Tea

Kellie-Jay Keen Minshull, Standing For Trans Women

Bela Dimova, Dr

Jeff Pickersgill

Raygoodspeed@yahoo.com, Left Horizons and LGBT+ officer, Leyton and Wanstead CLP

Dr Özlem Has, King’s College London

Steven Dando

Amanda Prose-Cute

Dr Aiora Zabala, Lecturer, The Open University

Sue Caro

Stella Mann

Jenn Hobbs

Dagna Rams

Melissa Buckwell

Kathryn Irish

Pat McGrohan

Beth Bramich

Sadie Fulton

Abigail Wilson

Lucy Burke, UCU NEC

Clare Quinn

Emily Pomroy-smith, Labour and Unite Member

Adam Sach, University of Sheffield

Laura Muir

El Robson

Justine Canady, Unison Lewisham Branch Secretary

Ceridwen Millington, Freelance Journalist

Charley Hasted, Chair, LGBT+ Liberal Democrats

Lorna Rynne

Ruth Aylett, Mother and grandmother

Becky Minton, Fertility and pregnancy acupuncturist

Trundë Stroya, Organisation for Asexual Awareness

David Cullen

Alex Smith, RS21

Peter Barlow

Geoff Taylor, TEFL Workers’ Union (IWW) / UCU (retired, personal capacity)

Rebecca Berman

Bianca Remer

Roberta Mock, Professor, Royal Holloway University of London

Sonya Harding-Ruiz

Seth Giddings, University of Southampton


Laura Hill

Nichola Queen, Director, Trans Safety Network

Peter Scully, Filmmaker

Peter Fyle

Raimondo Bonushole, Director, JPF

Ronnie Ashley

Amanda Hugginkiss

Charlotte Davies

Benjamin Watson

Mark Vaughan

Cllr Joseph Croft

Claire Caballero

Roland Rance

Rosie poebright

Sarah Ronschak

Dr Jo Smith, Specialist, Genitourinary medicine

Ceri Perf, ACLU

Stephanie Compton

Stacie Marie Laughton, Democrats for trans rights

Bina Feroli, Trans Woman, Mother.

Ash Sarkar, Novara Media

Jaz Sakura-Rose

Amy Kenyon

Louise Cardus

Julia Mountain

Gayle Howard

Rachael Joy, – compassionate human adult

China Mills, Researcher at Deaths by Welfare

Sue Fairweather

Protest Stencil

Yaseen Mabübz, T.I.M.r.M

Elaine Bolton

Muir Dragonne

James Grey


Juliet Birkbeck, Counsellor/Spiritual director

Cathy Blackford, Dr

Mandy Parry, Breakthrough Party South West Regional Organiser

Katie Parker, East of England NC Rep Breakthrough Party

Maureen Cooper


Lou Dear

Ross Gibson

Zosia Brom, Worker- member, The Class Work Project

Kacy Preen

Jeni Be

Lou Tyson

Liam Snailham

Connor Beaton, Republican Socialist Platform

Terry-Lee Marttinen, PhD Candiate, Centre for Medical Humanities (CMH), Oxford Brookes University

Karel Schling

Aimee Challenor, Former Green Party and Lib Dem spokeswoman

Dave O’Leary

Jessica Murray

Sarifa patel

Bo Nesoll

Dusky Moko

Dr Tom Frost, Lecturer in Law, University of Leicester

Freya Onions

Kelly Bornshlegel, Scottish feminists

Sara Ryan, Manchester Metropolitan University

Catherine Croft

Gretchen Ladish, Barts Health NHS Trust

Graham Kimberley

Jonathan Foy


Max Lucas, SHU politics

Alison Thorpr, Dwelling Space Counselling

Hannah Davey, mother, artist-activist

Claire Martin

Kate Mackay, Midwife

Susan McCabe

Sam Lockwood

Robert Lugg, Unite the Union (LE128 Equalities Officer)

Laura Barnfield

Ralph Willenby-Haxton III, Mother and CEO of Freedom to Lactate, Chair of Second PIE

Jasmin Hillerby

Indigo Maughn

Harriet Blyth

Gaye Dalton

Mark Fitz

Dr. Rebecca Benmayor

Petra Davis, Trans Safety Network

Kate Hardy

Corrie Drew

Dixon Cox

Michael Scott

Miriam Douglas-Earlt

Helen Meldrum, #MeTU

Meg Held

Rachael Constable

Ava Vidal, comedian and journalist

Getthard Inpannties

Beth Frieden

Dr John Money

Katie Lundie

Lia Thomas _

Kennedy Walker, Campaigner, 350.org

Indy River, Myxelia

Kate Laugharne

Susan Armstrong

Melanie kalay (aka Yes Mel), sista selecta

Leila Prasad, UCU

Bill Wright, Lochwinnoch Toddlers, Treasurer

Katie Bee

Hannah Lamb

Gareth Forest

Nim Ralph and Cat Marshall, Transforming Film

Mia Gubbay

Phoebe Fothergill

Matilda Fitzmaurice

Astrid Coppock

Charlotte Forder

Chris Jones

Mariam Rasekh

Ryan Grogan

Aimee Challenor, Stonewall

Ed Gein

Denise Henry, NEU Black Members Representative

Rosemary Carlton-Willis

Hugh Jaxident

Emma Finlay

Julie Cupples, Professor of Human Geography and Cultural Studies, University of Edinburgh

Nina Reece

Mark Conway

Emma Cooke

Elizabeth Riddell

Jean Blaylock

Emily Warner

Josie Long

Sandy Palmer

Natasha Bloor

Stephanie Soh

Katie Hickin

Vince Lewis

Linda Fothergill

Sue Kelmanips, Mother

Cllr Ria Patel

Jessica Price-Cousins

James Swyer, Ringwood Town Coincillor

Sophie K Rosa, Writer

James Carter, James Carter

John Whyteman, No org, just a supporter of trans rights!

Serdan Sattar

Mo Leicester

Miranda Moore

Robyn Ní hEaghra

Polly Blake

Mo, Leicester

Brittney Summers

Teresa Clark, Chair/VC, Labour Women’s Conference Arrangements Committee, from its inception to last conference.

Marianne Brooker

Katrina Forrester

Stephanie Davis, Nottingham Trent University

Laura McDonald

William Jeffery

Paul de Gregorio, Rally

Jack Sage

Hette Phillips

Eddie Hecht

Jonathon Willoughby

Dr. Rowan Fortune

Olivia Crook

Maninad Ress

Robert Brailsford, Designer, Jebrux

Samuel Eastoe

Jane Ryan

Oli Kennedy

Archie Tilleray

Dexter Gajjar-Reid, NHS worker

Dominic O’Dwyer

Nicola Buckland

Jake Woodier, Co-editor Red Pepper

Laura Stacey

Karin Celestine

Christina Neal

Vanessa Lucas

Andy Edwards

Alan Hazlie

Cornel Cilliers

Jude liddle

Ashling Lillis

Lewis Williams

Tom Fisher, Teacher, Waltham Forest

Liz Snook

Rush Atherton, Mercury Theatre

Hannah Gibbon

Ash Samuelson, Non-binary parent

Malcolm Parker

Natasha James

Dawn Stockley

Jules Stapleton Barnes, LGBT Health and Wellbeing

Tom O’Carroll

Rosie Penrose

John Money

Giles Vellacott, Father & grandfather

Suzy Izzard

Gill Hay, lesbian mother

Keda Price-Cousins

Tom Corsi

Rosa Melcacho

Susie Green

Graham digby

Sara Barratt

Sarah Amsler

Em Dean, Executive Member, LGBT+ Lib Dems

Lucie Boase

Ioana Cerasella Chis, University of Birmingham

John Burton

Joanna Ford

Jane Laporte

Patrick Stone


Rebecca Newsom

Dominique Bull

Karen Whitebread, Herne Bay Enbies

Denise Ward

Ruth Renowden

Liane Sommers, Mum and human

Liam Barrington-Bush, more like people

Jessie Taylor, University of York

Dr Rhiannon Osborne

Anna Salter

Oren di Ustranni, TTD. Ltd

Monica helms

Nicolo Wojewoda, 350.org, Europe Regional Director

Catriona Lynch

katrina mitchell

Alastair McArthur

Ace nova, SWU

Ïsa Giesä

Colin Burns

Rhiannon Lockley (she/her), Equality Chair, UCU

Graham Mitchell

Joanna Melaniphy

Vivian Sturgess

Daniel Pratt

Scarlett Lassoff, F*choir, feminist choir

Daira Emma Hopwood

Robert Maisey, Secretary, Unite LE/128 Trade Union Staff Branch

Ray Filar

Catherine Taplin-Thorpe

Victoria Willard

Connie Reid

Owen Fortunato Brakspear, Slub Press

Dr Michael Calderbank

Joe McCrohon

Heidi Drake

Jurate Petraityte-Lehmann

Jane Peters

Fiona Kelner

Jill Hayward

Holly Cooper, University of Oxford

Greta Baum

Uri Ayalon

Barbara Luetchford

Vicki Allum, OTR FREEDOM (LGBTQ hate crime case worker)

Fran Amery, University of Bath

Sara Hall

Cannach MacBride

Pól Ó Néill

Treci Fields

Katie Smith

Jackie Stacey

Allison D

Eva Tabbasam, Director, Gender Action for Peace and Security

Zoë Garbett, Green Party Councillor & Candidate for Mayor of London

Pamela Denison

Harriet Williamson, Journalist

Jon Sack

Andy Turner

Tin Hinson

Rohese Devereux

Ryan Monty

Kim Roberts, The Queer Parenting Partnership

Verity Ashley


Rob molteno

Kerin McEwing

James Lazou

Gemma Sanderson

Patricia Lefrancois, Slater and Gordon

Kirstie Whitaker

Kate Shelley, Single Mum by choice

Rory Dearlove

Louise Makem

Rowena Colman

Michelle-Louise Burrows, Stepmom, step-grandmother and step-great-grandmother

Paula Bodington

Emily Stanford

Lauren Blighton, Gender Genius

Helen Johnson

Kam Ozten

Alastair Michaelwaite

Holly Aisbitt

Fiona Protheroe

Holly Creighton-Hird

Holly Cook

hannah campling, doctor

Mary A’Herne-Smith

Maeve Storey

Kirsty Allsopp, Raise the Roof Productions

Cat England, Mum, ally, friend

Celine Meissonnier

Martha Simms

Arlo Wilson

Robyn Highfield

Kelly Newman

Sarah Choonara

Lorna Gledhill

Mish Connaught

Ruth Talbot, Single Parent Rights

Rebekka Rumpel, Member of Unite the Union

Kate Flood, Union Organiser

Amanda Chorley

Fran Robertson

David Thomas, NEU

Eva Freeman, El Warcha (director)

Cllr Martin Abrams, Lambeth Council (Labour Party)

James Marriott, artist, Platform

Lily Coombs-Berry

Aurobind Padayatchi

Reclaim the Power

Niki Fitzgerald, NHS Doctor

Mina Carroll Ireland 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

Jennifer Chigwende

David Pellow

Michelle Parsons

Hilary James

Nadia Henderson

John Gillen

Dr Stacy Hackner, UCL

Alex Melville

Esther Townsend

Kieran Faulkner

Alex Thompson

Mary McCann

Michael Wright

Alex Sweetnam

May MacKeith

Lucy Robertson, Psychologist

Scott Martin

Jean Fraser, N/A

Ryan Gibberd

Katherine Tanner

Yesim Yaprak Yildiz, Dr

The Breakthrough Party

Kate Harris

Sue Wedlock

Juno Mac, SWARM

Nick O’Brien

Professor Adam Schembri, University of Birmingham

Amy Bannatyne

Sam Wright, Mum of Trans Noah 🏳️‍⚧️

Steph Richards, CEO TransLucent.Org.Uk

Camille Barton, Ecologies of Transformation

Jane Matheson

Professor Wouter Den Haan, London School of Economics

Eva Wolmuth

Matthew Ashley

Stuart Hellingsworth

Pascale Robinson, Please select

Kirstin Shirling

Alex Farebrother-Naylor, illustrator and mother

LUZ GONCALVES BRITO, PhD, University of São Paulo, Researcher

Graham Linehan

Michael Wharton, Green Party

Phil White

Daniel Lowe

Rachael Hayes

Kojo Kyerewaa, Black Lives Matter UK

Anisha Pucadyil

Kathleen Allen

Sammie Pitter

Christine Wilkinson, Mother of a wonderful trans daughter

Tamara Bozovic

Kath Gifford

Tristan Hyde

George Zhukov

Judi Thomas, Director – Party In Your Pants Inclusive Feminist Raves

Jenny Poirier, Jenny Poirier Counselling

Hazel Moon, The Clare Project+ Student Nurse

Karen Hamilton, Cis mum

Jane Nellist, President of Coventry TUC

Viv Krishan, Contempt and T-Bitch punk bands

Wende Brand, transwoman, independent researcher, writer and ecosystem builder

Peter Underwood, Green Party candidate for the London Assembly

Nick Senior, Liverpool Humanists

Morgan Meldrum

Oghenevwede Okorefe

Sophie Grace Chappell

Christopher Billett

Kate, Tash and Raffi Ferguson

Rachael Tomlinson, Accessible Rach

Rob Harrington

Khalil Carlosse

Bee Godwin

Zeina Hawa, NA

Benjamin Carpenter, UEA, Visiting Fellow

Siobhan, This Sister Scribes

Samuel Francis

Saskia Maltz

Rebekah Cheung Judge, Doctor

George Forth

Amber-Valetta Nunes

Joanne Hawkes

Katherine Hearst, UCU

Sally Outen

Daniel Dios, UQ pride manger

Louise Thornley

Nina Enemark

Frankie Green, A Women’s Liberation Movement activist

Marion Sharples

James Matthews-Stroud

Rob Hoveman, Unire the Community and Socialist Workers Party

Chris McCabe, SHARP

Caitlin wilson

Riley Campbell

Bronia Korabinska

Benaifer Bhandari, CEO Hopscotch Women’s Centre

RACHEl Salmon, Rachel Salmon

Phil Lindsey, Assistant Secretary, Newham NEU

Lizzy Kelly

Freddie Burtenshaw

Laylah Hough

Dan Payne

Louise Harraway

Ben Cotton, Gumf Magazine, Co-Editor

Maria Carroll, Mum, Nan, Aunt, Sister

Zak Suffee, Anarchist bookfair in London

Olivia C

David Maltby

Dawn Green

Janet Green

Christopher stocker

Kat Hobbs, Netpol

Laura Smith

Caroline Jones

Sam White

Laura Rogers

Hala Makhlouf

Bryony Thomas

Marlena Chapman

C Stevens

Cherry Lewis

Jennifer Latham

Matt Mead

Sarah Humphreys

Anna Clarke

Only Women Breastfeed, Sex Matters

Char Thornton Wild

Erin Michelle

Robin White

You must be joking

Clare Copeland

Babs sucky tits

Katie Nicoll Baines, University of Edinburgh

Anna Good


Hayley Parker

Charlie Mitchell

Olivia Stone

Josh Holmes

Sai Murray

Graham Checkley

Leslie Cunningham

Cole marshall

Tom Maybey

Rob Horsfield, NEU, Counterfire

Barrie flanagan and Ashleigh Moyes, Bashful tendencies (band)

Brandon Ham, Co-Chair, Plaid Ifanc

Reina Watt

Sofia, All out

Hayley Gittins

Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Jenny Turner

Stephanie Stark

Lauren Wroe, Assistant Professor, Durham University

Anna Maclean

Antoni Modlinski

Laurie Janey

Travis Adamiec

Peter Coville

Kavian Kulasabanathan

Samantha Clair

Beth Currie

Rudy Loewe

Kate Biller

Rose Cooper, Feminist

Kerry Reaney

Saffi Jones

Lydia Ludlow

Colin Fancy, Unite

Neil Rogall

Amanda Ford, Councillor

Cath Tomlin

Leah Feldman

Hannah Smith, Public Interest Research Centre

Steffan Blayney

Michelle Farrell, University of Liverpool

Paul Mason, Journalist

Amy Bullivant

Theresa Bennett

Ian Venables

Peter Mitchell

Paige Warden

Joe Skeaping

Melissa Hind, NEU District Secretary – Kensington and Chelsea

Alex Geldenhuys

Tina Pho

Laura Ferriman

Rachel Ferriman

Chris Simpson

Alex Pilcher

Vicente Barciela

Cllr Graham Campbell, SNP NEC – Co-Convener SNP Socialists

Chayley Collis

Izzy Hawkins

Kahra Wayland-Larty

Brian Eley

Ian Wall

Greg Ryan

Chris Lehmann

Julie McKendry

Floris van Doorn

Simon Hales, Green Party

Lori Bonar

Khem Rogaly, Researcher, Common Wealth

Gill Rutherford

Lauren Hart Lamey

Sophie Allain

Simon Lewis

Benjamin Kempton

Charley McNally

Mairi Oliver, Lighthouse Bookshop (owner) Resisting Transphobia In Edinburgh (RTiE member)

Milkii Brewster

Helena Wadia, Media Storm, co-host

Erica Brooks, Mother

Nathan Downs

Giovanna Speciale

Wynne Lawrence

Jethro Harrison

Rosalind Johnston, Dr ( GP)

Micky LeVoguer, Lecturer in early childhood studies UEL

Clara Vulliamy

Naomi mathews

Anne Onwusiri

Anouk Chalmers

Bonnie Groves

Jenny Collins

Rachel Kennerley

Dr Jennifer Crouch, – in constant awe of u xxx

Matt Chapman

Kate Potts

Callie Buchanan

Jemma Fry

Theodora Ntoka

Julia Gittins, Slaghammers Feminist welding co-operative

Matilda Dow, Industrial Workers of the World Edinburgh Branch Secretary

Raymond Morell, Unite senior representative

Rhiannon Carr

Mary Roberts

Mary Burke

Neil Hudson-Basing, PinkNews

Bethany Davies, RN The Gender Hormone Clinic

Francesca Dewar

Nazmia Jamal

Elizabeth Akerele

Diane Redhead

Charlotte Foxley

Rebecca Martin

Sally Davies

Alexander Reese

Rebecca del Tufo

Ayala Donegan, Gender anarchist

Anastasia Xirouchakis

Will de Montmollin

Alex Burnett-Scott

Gilan El-Attar

Ryan McLeod

Sita Balani

Len Lukowski

Bethan Dawson

Emma Crawshaw

Kate Perris

Shay, a trans parent-to-be

Chesca Walton, Co-Chair Green Party Women

Matt Hassall

Ryan Morrison

Marie Strega Antonsson

Caoimhe Mader McGuinness, Dr


Samir Rana

Encian Pastel, Bay Area Childcare Collective

Naomi lane

Kevin Blowe, Campaigns Coordinator, Netpol

Amy Winship, Aimless Gallery

Kirsten Tomlinson

Lucy Lepchani

Aiden Brady

Lydia Giddings, The Gender Hormone Clinic (Registered Nurse)

Marie Shrewsbury

Madeleine Young

Mike Hodgson

Angus Brown

Lewis Allett

Claire Fauset

Mina Nielsen

Angelica Tatam

Adi Daly-Gourdialsing

Tim Kiely

Gareth Harper, Just Stop Oil

Finn White

Ria Patel, Cllr

Amber Perera, Community Organiser

Amber O’Sullivan

Meg Shepherd-Foster

Jack Michael Ellis Blomfield

Katharine A Gilchrist

Olli Watkins

Cllr Alastair Binnie-Lubbock, Hackney Green Party

Jess Glaisher

Ian Pocock

Artemide Almeria Baraldi

Jan Millett

Peter Price

Iulia Teodorescu

Sally Altan

Jo Hunt, Community Champion Manager

Tom Bradley

Hannah Asprey

Valentina Ines La Mela

Raluca Moraru

Sue Baines

Cllr Emily O’Brien, Lewes District Green Party

Toria Fox

David Beckett

Joe Hudson-Small

Jim Russ, Youth Worker

Stine Wilhelmsen

Sara Bennett, Unite union member and activist in Resisting Transphobia in Edinburgh

Ella Irwin

Michele Rawlings

Emma Kosmin

Roxanne Cardey

Caro Brouard

Eddy and Barbara Richardson

Raphael Susewind

Nathaniel Horne

Máire Nì Mhurchu

D. Murphy, Great-grandmother

Seren Aldron

Gozde Erdogan

Alex Page

Rob Harrison

Rian James, Out of Town Housing Cooperative

Molly Z

Ilse Mostert

Dr Christine Haigh


Sara Ayech

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