It should never be questioned that women should have ultimate control over what happens to their bodies. Safe abortion and support should be an option for all women who find themselves pregnant in all circumstances where they don’t want to have a child, for whatever reason. If she is suffering from mental illness, then she should also received mental health support for as long as she needs it. Counselling should be available to anyone who needs it when choosing abortion, and good, non-judgemental information about the process should be readily available to anyone who is considering it. We need gold standard treatment, and Carla’s name should never have been plastered all over the press. Carla’s three children will suffer enough while their mother is in jail, having the world knowing that their mum is in jail, and the reasons for it, is just cruelty. Carla is not a criminal, the law is wrong and needs to be changed.

Written by levelUp — June 15, 2023

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