I’m so sorry for what you are going through, it’s completely unfair. I did the same thing during the pandemic and I don’t regret it one minute. You made the right choice for yourself at the time, and you have suffered unnecessarily more than anyone else. I know you must be all over the place right now, but please remember you are going to be ok, this is just a blip. And your case is highlighting the injustice in the abortion system in the UK, so right now you are helping countless other women in the future. Your situation is not ‘an extremely rare case’, it’s an extremely rare case that has been reported to the police and every step of the way someone didn’t turn a blind eye when they should have done. You told the truth at the hospital to save your own life, you’ve done the right thing for yourself. Stay strong, you’re not a criminal and you’re not guilty of doing anything wrong. I hope you can find peace within your self, try study an area of interest to keep your mind busy if you can bring yourself to it. It will get better, all my love.

Written by levelUp — June 15, 2023

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