Dear Carla, I’m horrified at what has and is being done to you and feel incredibly angry and sorry about it. Whatever your circumstances, you had the right to choose what you wanted to do with your own body without any rules imposed on you – or any of us. After all it’s not like terminating a pregnancy is ever an easy thing to do, is it? Anyway, while I’m sure it’s of little consolation, please know that there are many many people who don’t judge you for your choices and support you and the abolishing of the arcane laws you were prosecuted under. We’ll continue to fight for your rights and mine and all other women’s. I hope you can continue to be a fighter, too, to get through your sentence and the aftermath. It must be so hard to be away from your kids and I’ll be holding all of you together in my thoughts. Finally, I hope you might allow me to cast my personal protection spell (for me and my loved ones) on you and yours as well: Be good. Be well. Be brave. Be safe. Be kind. And maybe try to have at least one good laugh a day even when there’s not all that much to laugh about. I live with complex PTSD and have found that even slightly forced laughter makes a big difference. It’s like giving your mind and body a little break and pick me up. Big hugs! In love and rage, V. xx

Written by levelUp — June 15, 2023

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