with a woman on trial for abortion

A 25-year-old woman in Oxford faces trial for ‘procuring an abortion’ and faces a potential life sentence. Her hearing is scheduled for February 2023. Due to old Victorian laws that are still in place in the UK, abortion without permission from two doctors remains a criminal offence in England.

Level Up is in solidarity with this woman, whose identity remains anonymous, as part of a broader movement to decriminalise abortion in England, Wales and Scotland. We are in touch with her lawyer and are collecting messages of love and solidarity for her. Nobody should have a pregnancy policed by the state, or be punished for ending a pregnancy. We are each the experts on our own bodies and lives, and whether we want to become parents or not. Abortion is healthcare, and it’s time the law treats it as such.

If you have a message of love and support for this woman, please share it below. She is Portuguese but speaks good English, so if your message is in Portuguese, even better! Level Up will pass these on to her lawyer.

Let us know if you want to make this message public: