I am so sorry that ‘Katie’ or any woman suffers such cruel behaviour by NHS and police system. To have to have an abortion is bad enough, without all of this criminalising it. Personally, I have never needed an abortion but have experienced such NHS cruelty when lying on hosp bed miscarrying an early foetus. After the curt nurse said that I had ‘finished bleeding’, she told me that I could ‘go home how’ as i was not pregnant. No kind words ar compassion. I was mid forties and had always very much wanted a baby – I was heart broken – but had to get up and make my way home alone. The pregnancy followed a date rape situation which was horrible but i accepted it (didn’t report it) wondering if i might have become pregnant. . . I do believe that men should be held responsible for every pregnancy esp when raped or coerced into having sex. Perhaps best if all men were neutered in early teens. This can be reversed in almost every case – and it is a simple quick minor surgery – much safer that all the contraceptives which women endure. Good luck to all women

Written by levelUp — July 16, 2024

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