Hi Katie, Your story has made me so sad. It chills me that you have been treated this way simply for accessing medication. It’s disgusting. I offer you love, support and sisterhood. I have terminated two pregnancies, one surgically and one using pills as prescribed by a doctor. You should have been treated with love, compassion and respect. It is what you deserve in the face of a medical emergency. I am sure you know this but sometimes we need to hear it: it is not your fault. It is infuriating that after an experience like this you now have to face a bogus court case. You should be recovering from this traumatic health incident surrounded by love, not judgement. Sending you love, and solidarity, I will follow your case and hope very much to see compassion and justice throw the bloody thing out of the courts so you can heal. Jo

Written by levelUp — July 16, 2024

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