Bystander Intervention: Police & Public Harassment

Written by levelUp — April 28, 2023

May 10 - 06:30 pm


July 18 - 08:30 pm

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Level Up

Website: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/level-up-35497544523
The government has passed the the Public Order Act, handing the police aggressive new powers to intimidate protestors & prosecute activists.

With a new team of facilitators, we are launching FREE online workshops on how to interrupt and intervene in state violence:

– What to do if you witness a stop and search

–  Your rights if you’re stopped on the street or at a protest

–  How to support your neighbours during an immigration raid

–  Intervening in gender-based violence in your community

– JOIN US to gain the skills you need to stand up against state violence

– SIGN UP now

The police don’t protect us, we protect us!

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